Serdar Ortac "Poset" (Pochette) [Turkish Pop 2010] English Translation

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 I dont worship you , dont call you even dont get angry with you dont waste my time, dont rub shoulders I am just intrested in my business I cant waste my time with you, I cant sin or swear this is love , infrared , museum of the injured , I cant move my p

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Mario Frangoulis - Ta Nisia - - From the CD/DVD Music of the Night - in concert at the Herod Atticus Theatre. With the Novaya Opera of Moscow. Orchestra and choir conducted by Evgeny Samoilov. Music by Mario Frangoulis. Lyrics by Paraskevas Karasoulos English translation: Like lands that once were joined Like islands, our lives separated How can I travel to you How can you come here without sails Everyone is alone His world an island Night has fallen, my love Upon the whole earth The waves break weak ships Like the sea, my love is our life People-islands Tied to the earth Trees that bend from loneliness Eyes accustomed to foreign lands Letters that stayed sealed - Mario Frangoulis, Ta Nisia, Music of the Night, ,

28 March 2015